Linda Pisani

An international psychic intuitive and holistic spiritual health guest speaker at Women's Health and Wellness Summit. The co-founder of Holistic Energy Expo Event .

As featured on Conscious Living TV!

Linda Pisani is the CEO and Founder of Holistic Grotto, in Ashburn, Virginia. Born and raised in Newcastle, Australia, Linda knew she was intuitive at a young age, whereas an adult she moved to the USA and continued to explore her holistic practices and psychic abilities. As a certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher (RMT), Meditation Teacher, Feng Shui Master, and International Psychic Intuitive, she has created Holistic Grotto to help others find an inner balance and create happy healthy environments. 

For appointments email or PH 703-728-4656 

She has healing rooms in Ashburn and Dulles, Virginia, upstairs from Healing Crystals Showroom.


                Classes, Expo's, Retreats and Services

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Angel Connections Workshop-2hrs



 ** must reserve spot**

Location: Dulles VA 20166 

Do you feel connected to angels or curious about them? In this workshop,

 you will learn of your universal angels, how to connect with them, what 

signs they give to help love and guide you on your path. 







Intuitive Development - Learning The




Location:  DULLES VA  contact for address & reserve seat


Do you ever have those moments when your intuition is so strong

like a signal goes off telling you not to do something, or you

think about someone and the phone rings and it's them? Our intuition is

constantly sending us signals for us to take action or not take action.

 In this workshop, you will learn what the clair's are, how to identify them

clearly, which two are your strongest, and how you can use them for

guidance on your journey.

No experience needed.

$65.00  Cash payment due at check in





Group Meditation


Must sign up!! NO WALK-INS

Date: Tue 11/19 10am, Sun 11/24 11am

Location: Dulles VA 20166 email for address and suite number

FEE $20 Cash payment on arrival

EMAIL: Linda

Enjoy this 1 hour seated guided meditation in a

group setting, helping you to relax and find inner peace. Meditation helps with anxiety,

nervousness, self-discovery, sleeplessness, and overall wellness.  


Join us meetup








Intuitive Counseling

As an intuitive, Linda will give you messages of guidance on your path as you move forward with clarity. This insight is helpful with relationships, employment, career, travel, family and health. 

30 Min reading in person/phone/skype

email: to make an appointment

FEE: $ 90







Usui Reiki Treatment

Reiki pronounced Ray-key, is a Japanese hands-on healing treatment that balances

the energy chakras of the body. Reiki supports the immune system, decreases

inflammation, headaches, sleeplessness, PMS, muscle pain, anxiety, stress,

creating homeostasis in the body. This 30-minute treatment will have you feeling

complete. Long Distance sessions also available.

Email for appointment

FEE: $80.00




Aroma Reiki Treatment

Relax and enjoy the scent of calming essential oils as they are applied to

the spine, neck and feet followed by Reiki, a gentle hands-on placement

energy healing. This treatment assists with inflammation, immune system,

stress, homeostasis, sleep issues, anxiety, energy alignment and much more.

(It is not a massage)

1-hour treatment

Email to make your appointment.


FEE: $180


Feng Shui Consultation

Feng Shui plays in important roll in the flow of abundance, health, and prosperity. It is the art of placement that has been used in China, India and Tibet for over 5000 years creating safe and supported environments.

Many business people have introduced Feng Shui to their home and office space, to enhance and propel them forward towards their business goals.  By improving the chi in your environment, you will attract more clients, wealth, and harmony among those around you. 

I can help you create a Feng Shui home or office that will support your career, health, family, wealth, travel, mentors , and relationships.

A consultation includes:

-Full home review and street review (how surroundings effect the home)

-Home sage blessing

-Pa Kua chinese astrology report

-Full Feng Shui report including photos, recommendations, cures and adjustments

-External rice blessing (feed the hungry ghost)

Red envelopes - A tradition of Feng Shui consultation payment is placed into 9 RED envelopes. The envelopes can be purchased at any office store.

This payment is due at commencement of consultation. 

Fee: $500.00

Office Buildings are charged per square foot. Please contact for more details.


**** Serving Loudoun and Fairfax County